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Larry Norman and People! - The Israel Tapes 1974 A.D.

Larry Norman and People! - The Israel Tapes 1974 A.D. 1980 Phydeaux

Another excellent loud in-concert underground recording of Norman rocking with fellow long-haired compadres of his old band People. A live performance from UCLA in 1974 to raise money for the Israeli Fund. Includes a reworking of their hit song “I Love You’, melding into the Norman-Stonehill composition of the same name. Everything else is pretty much vintage Norman, from early tunes like ‘Forget Your Hexagram’, ‘Sweet Song Of Salvation’ and ‘You Knew What You Were Doing’ (aka ‘Baby Out Of Wedlock’) to Garden-era numbers such as ‘Baroquen Spirits’, ‘Fly Fly Fly’ and ‘Lonely By Myself’. Great guitar work and naked garage band feel, especially on the slowed-down explosive hard-rock/psych cover of ‘I Am The Six O’Clock News’. Heed the back cover advice “To be played at full volume”. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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Adrain Snell - Listen to the Peace

Adrian Snell - Listen to the Peace 1977 Dovetail 

Listen To The Peace opens with ‘Reach Me’, one of Snell’s best progressive tracks with brisk acoustic strumming, artful synths and lively electric guitar. Several gentle ballads, including ‘Peace Be With You’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Judas’, the latter a solemn piano piece with classical influences and brooding string arrangements. Jazzy moods can be found on the lilting ‘That’s Me In The Comer’ and the bright playful ‘Travelling’. ‘Turn Your Vengeance’ and ‘Children Of The Dream’ are from a work Snell co-wrote with Doug Constable called ‘Songs Of The Servant’. Another beautiful cover painting. Co-released in the US on the Maranatha label (78-045), but only the UK version has the fold-out cover.(The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Eden - Perelandra

Eden - Perelandra 1980 Lord

If you get just one Eden album, make it this one. Perelandra is the group’s shining moment, a brilliant 5-star professional work that’s sure to satisfy the hunger of those who grew up on ‘70s progressive rock. Synthesizer lovers will have a field day here; this thing is absolutely drenched with multifaceted spacey soaring keyboards, all of them made even more bright and vivid by the flawless production. Eden has proudly achieved their own unique sound by balancing hard rock electric guitars and power synths with lyrical melodies and skillful classical instrumentation. Loud and aggressive one moment (‘Abgesang’, ‘Lichtlied’), drifty moody surreal passages the next (‘Er Wird Sein’). Some beautiful ethereal female harmonies with a choral-like quality, sounding particularly effective on the powerful seven-minute title track. A couple instrumental tracks: ‘Zwischenspiel’ and the intensely stirring ‘Im Bragdon-Weld’. Skillful violin and flute work, plus acoustic guitar, piano, even a sitar on ‘Bilder Einer Welt’. Don’t let the German lyrics dissuade you – you never understood what all those Yes songs meant either, did you? Some imported copies have an English translation enclosed – yes, it’s overtly Christian if that’s important to you. The album title is based on one of the novels in C. S. Lewis’ space trilogy. Once again the cover art is amazing. Deserves equal standing on the art rock pedestal with Jimmy Hotz and Arkangel. Also released on the German Eden label (EM20001) in 1981. (Ken Scott – Archivist).

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Mighty Clouds of Joy - Changing Times

Mighty Clouds of Joy - Changing Times 1979 Priority

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Adrian Snell - Something New Under the Sun

Adrian Snell - Something New Under the Sun 1979 Dovetail

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Andraé Crouch - The Best of

Andraé Crouch - The Best of 1975

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Andraé Crouch & The Discples - Soulfully

Andraé Crouch &The Disciples - Soulfully 1972 Light

Soulful collection including the popular song ‘Through It All’. The back cover shows a shot of Andrae and crew performing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Best cuts include ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Missing’ and the eschatological ‘It Won’t Be Long’. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Andraé Crouch & The Disciples - Live at Carnegie Hall

Andraé Crouch & The Disciples - Live at Carnegie Hall 1973 Light

This album marked a tuming point in Crouch’s career as previous efforts had not sold well. Recorded in October 1972 the album captured the passion and the fervor of their live “Holy Spirit powered” performances which catapulted them into one of the top drawing Jesus Music acts of the era. Back cover states “this album is not a slick or watered-down album. It is rough and honest”. One of the first live Jesus Music concerts ever to be recorded, he was backed up by the group Sonlight. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Water Into Wine Band - Harvest Time

Water Into Wine Band - Harvest Time 1976

All rock influences were left behind for this privately-released and immensely rare follow-up to Hill Climbing, the band opting instead to explore folk and classical themes yet still within a solidly progressive framework. Opens with a pair of dreamy folk ballads, ‘Wedding Song’ (not the Stookey tune) and the stunningly beautiful ‘Waiting For Another Day’. Listening to Bill Thorp’s passionate violin here it’s easy to see why he was accepted into the London Symphony Orchestra (so I’ve read). The medley ‘Scottish Suite’ follows with some fine.  (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Glass Harp - Pacific High Recorders

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Glass Harp - It Makes Me Glad

Glass Harp - It Makes Me Glad 1972 Decca

"It Makes Me Glad" once again effectively balances the graceful acoustic and heavier rocking sides of Glass Harp. A touch of late-period Beatles can be detected on the opening "See Saw" as well as "La De Da". "Colt" is melodic, upbeat and bright-eyed, while "sea and You" provides another one of  Sferra's moody shimmering dreamscapes. Keaggy wrote or co-wrote all the songs on side two, including the instrumental "David & Goliath", "I'm Going Home", a hard-rocking arrangement of "Do Lord" (set to new music), the sprightly acoustic "Song in the Air" and the climatic rocker "Let's Live Together". All instruments, arrangements and vocals by Glass Harp. The back cover is one big photo montage with tons of cut-out pics of the guys. All three of the group's Decca albums were re-issued on invidual CDs by the German Line label in 1993. (The Archivist, 4th Edition, by Ken Scott)

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Gutram Pauli, Christian Kabitz, Klaus Haimerl - Rock Requiem

Gutram Pauli, Christian Kabitz, Klaus Haimerl - Rock Requiem 1981 PTA

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Light of Life Group - Hamartia Rockoratorium

Light of Life Group - Hamartia Rockoratorium 1971 Young

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Fraction - Moon Blood

Fraction - Moon Blood 1971 Angelus

Psychedelic fire and brimstone doom monster with heavy Doors-ish influence and ferociously guttural screamed lead vocals that rival Jim Morrison. Slow intense lengthy climactic songs (only six of them) that burn with loud grungy guitars, letting up occasionally for psych-drenched hazy dream-scapes, with wah-wah, fuzz, reverb, tremolo all strongly represented. Strange apocalyptic lyrics (Virtually indecipherable without the lyric sheet) that are not your typical Christian fare by any means. Considered by many to be the Holy Grail of psych privates, hence the accompanying $2500 Whopper price tag. Cheaper alternatives exist: A11 ‘805 re—issue with a low-tech Xerox-looking band photo (enlarged from the back cover of the original) went in and out of print fairly quickly. A Euro CD with the same cover also exists. The original pressing comes in one of the most killer covers ever conceived: a die-cut jacket with a red filter revealing a moon inner sleeve. In late 1995 a deluxe vinyl limited edition was pressed nearly identical to the original, allowing budget-minded collectors to own a piece of this history in all its full glory. Re—issued on CD again in 1999 with bonus tracks. It don’t get any heavier than this! (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Jeremy Spencer - Jeremy Spencer and the Children

Jeremy Spencer - Jeremy Spencer and the Children 1972 Columbia

One day in 1972, at the height of blues rock band Fleetwood Mac’s early success, Jeremy Spencer was recruited by the Children of God (COG) as he wandered down town Los Angeles. Though he was scheduled to play that night he never showed up for the show. A year later the band members tracked him down to the group’s training warehouse where Spencer had changed his name to Jonathan (in accordance to the COG’s practice of forsaking the old life and taking on a new biblical name) and informed them that he had renounced the materialism of the rock’n’roll lifestyle to live with the group. The lyrical content and front cover artwork evinces the apocalyptic focus of the group. Even with this release Spencer’s talents as a premiere slide guitarist are in evidence. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

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Jeanie Greene - Mary Called Jeanie Greene

Jeanie Greene - Mary Called Jeanie Greene 1971 Elektra

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Azitis - Help

Azitis - Help 1970 Elco

Azitis (Pronounced “As it is”) is one very few Christian-themed albums that is solidly psychedelic in sound from beginning to end. Every song from this four-man Sacramento band’s custom lp is a winner, saturated through and through with psychy swirling organ sounds. Add to that strong melodies, gentle vocals, fuzz, phasing, reverb, wah-wah, flute and you’ve got a virtual time machine to the flower power era. The responsible parties are Dennis Sullivan (organ, piano), Michael Welch (guitar, flute), Steve Nelson (percussion) and Donald Lower (bass guitar). ‘(Creation) Lord I Saw You Cry’ starts things off with dissonant organ crescendo, chanting and wah-wah guitar, followed by the melodic ’60s pop/psych of ‘There Is An Answer’ and ‘Who Will Be’, the later propelled by heavily fuzzed bass guitar. ‘The Prophet’ is one of the album’s most powerful tracks, reaching intense fuzz/organ peaks as it deals with Revelation themes. ‘Time Has Passed’, trips out with moody surreal passages that sound like they were lifted from the middle of ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’, followed by ‘From This Place’, another killer track that builds to climaxes of thunderous drums, discordant guitar strums and surging frenzied organ. ‘Hope To Save’ brings in piano and acoustic guitar for a lyrical ballad. That leaves the apocalyptic ‘Judgement Day’ with its varied guitar effects and eerie echoed proclamations to close the album. Exceptional cover art of a gold cross emerging from planet earth. Mega rare, too. I can’t emphasize enough how cool this album is. It’s a true five-star monster if ever there was one. Re-issued on both vinyl and CD. The band also had a couple 45’s with non-lp tracks. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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Mike Deasy - Letters to My Head

Mike Deasy - Letters to My Head 1973 Capitol

Guitarist on countless albums finally got his shot in the limelight with this mainstream release. As you'd expect it's decent rock with a rural Southern twist and thankfully no sappy pop orchestration. Deasy plays guitars, mandolin, sitar, banjo, bass, alto sax and piano. Wife Kathie joins in on some of the vocals. Inclues a cover of "Humpty Dumpty" that pre-dates their Sparrow record. Annie and Buck Herring involved. Some light acoustic tracks, others heavy and full-blown like his cover of "Stagger Lee". Has a similar spirit to Mylon's "We Believe" and Barry McGuire's "Lighten Up". (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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Glass Harp - Synergy

Glass Harp - Synergy 1971 Decca

"Synergy" opens with two of Keaggy's heaviest guitar statements on record. "One Day at a Time" (which begins as a baroque acoustic melody before transitioning into hard rock), followed by the blistering Pecchio track "Never Is a Long Time". "Special Friends" and "Dawn of a New Day" also have convincing rock-and-roll energy. Some of Keaggy's best songwriting is featured here, including the moody textured classic rocker "Song of Hope" (strongly propelled by Pecchio's bass), the bright acoustic "The Answer" (again revealing classical influences) and the lighthearted "Mountains". The latter is one of the few Keaggy compositions that didn't make it onto the later "Song in the Air" compilation. Keaggy's guitar drifts into dreamy spaced soft-psych realms on the beautiful mesmerizing Sferra ballad "Just Always". Also on the quieter side is Pecchio's "Child of the Universe". Very little outside help is listed in the credits for this effort - and as the title suggests the album truly does capture the "synergy" of three members at their best. Comes in a very attractive gatefold cover with lyrics and photo of the bandin concert on the inside. (The Archivist, 4th Edition,  by Ken Scott)  

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Jezus Rocks Presents: Songs From the Jesus Movement Volume 1 - 4

Songs From the Jesus Movement Volume 1 - 4


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